Introducing the 10 Hour PC Arcade Project
Secrets Revealed: Build Your Own PC Arcade Machine is the culmination of the very best techniques, products, ideas and contacts that I have
discovered during the last 10 years while building computer arcade machines. From start to finish, my 20+ pages of detailed plans will walk you
through the process of building your dream machine similar to the one pictured below.  Joysticks, buttons and trackball are connected to a computer
(I'll show you how) and used to play games that are stored a computer inside the arcade cabinet.  

project expenses
$50  -  Used Cabinet - my plans tell you where to find them for cheap!
$70  -  3" trackball & plate & mounting bolts
$45  -  No soldering required Keyboard Encoder
$30  -  Buttons & joysticks
$10  -  Wire, ends, electrical tape
$20  -  Plexi-glass (you may not even need this if your cabinet already has it)
$20  -  Marquee
$35  -  Wood for control panel, paint, glossy photo paper, photo glue, screws, bolts, etc.
                     $20  -  4 wheels                                        
$300  -  Total Cost (Excludes PC and monitor costs)

tools required
Power drill
Hand saw or table saw
Drill bits
Spade bits
Rotary saw
Hand-held screw driver

Here's the first tip:

Don't build the arcade box yourself.  Get one for free!

Restoring an arcade cabinet is a better option than building your own cabinet for many reasons.  The biggest reason is money.  You can find used
game cabinets in your city for next to nothing if you know where to look.  I do and I'll tell you.  The most I have every paid for an used 2 player stand-up
arcade cabinet was $40.
PC Arcade Project PLANS
Cost: $6.75

My plans now include 2-player, 4-player and cocktail instructions!
Plan are backed by 3 months of free email tech support!
A private hyperlink to my plans will be emailed to you after Paypal payment is received and processed.

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